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"The Perfect Place for the Perfect Fit!"

Combining the latest technology and un-matched expertise to provide you with he proper equipment to play your best!

Static Fitting

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The static fitting system has been developed to properly size your equipment by using a golfer's height, body type, wrist-to-floor measurement, ad hand size to determine the ideal length, lie angle, and appropriate grip size. It is imperative that we establish the proper static measurements to provide an accurate baseline for dynamic fitting.

Dynamic Fitting

The next stage in the process is dynamic fitting. This process allows us to visually inspect the length and lie angle while evaluating the resulting ball flight to ensure ideal performance. Through an impact analysis computerized shaft optimization and ball flight observation, we can finalize all fitting specifications and conclude with the most appropriate set configuration to suit each player's strengths!

Iron Fitting

For proper iron fitting we will establish what design type best suits the player's ability: Super game improvement, game improvement, or a players model. Each style provides the golfer with different forgiveness and performance features.

Next, we determine the appropriate shaft type. Graphite and steel shafts have uniquely different properties and performance characteristics. Depending on the golfer's strength, ability, and swing type, one shaft will clearly perform better for a variety of reasons. Weight, torque, flex point and desired trajectory are just a few of the considerations when choosing the appropriate shaft. After analyzing ball flight an shot pattern in the dynamic stage of the fitting our experts are able to suggest what club would best suit your game.

Wood Fitting

When fitting the proper driver or fairway wood, we optimize ball flight to improve distance and accuracy. Through the use of radar based launch monitors our goal is to obtain an ideal launch angle with minimal spin while improving accuracy. Our knowledge of the current component options and their respective performance characteristics allow us to make recommendations to help you achieve these results. For a golfer who fades or slices the ball, a lighter, more flexible shaft may be the cure. To lower ball flight we may look at a stiffer shaft rather than lowering loft. To lower spin rates we may offer a heavier shaft to flatten trajectory and improve consistency. clearly loft and head design also play an important role in effecting ball flight and our fitting professional will assist you in pairing the most appropriate style for your game!

Wedge & Putter Fitting

The scoring zone in golf is inside 100 yards, therefore, our staff takes just as much care when fitting you with the proper wedges or putter as we do with a full iron set. The same important fitting characteristics such as length, lie angle, and grip size apply. We will work with you to select the wedges that compliment your iron set. We will look at the different bounces or sole grids to properly suit the conditions you typically encounter. Selecting a properly fit putter can also have a significant impact on your game. Many players overlook tis single most important component to improving their scores.

Ball Fitting

Finally, the importance of selecting the proper ball has often been overlooked. Most players simply do not understand the technology differences and how they can help or hurt your game. Our staff will pair your swing type with the appropriate ball to again maximize distance, accuracy, feel, and control. These important features can certainly make the difference in hitting more greens or getting 10 more yards off the tee!

Club Fitting

Proper club fitting is an essential element in helping you to play your best golf. May considerations are used to ensure that we are providing you with the perfect fit. We not only perform a static and dynamic fitting, but also try to understand exactly what type of golfer you are. What are your likes and dislikes about your current equipment? What are your goals for the future in your game? These questions help our expert staff to find the equipment that will best fit your game. Our goal is to help you better understand the importance of being properly fit with the correct equipment. By using the proper equipment, you can no longer blame poor shots on the club!

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